Buy Lots' Time Has Come. Will It Destroy Everyone In The Process?


Buy Lots is in trouble. Poor sales and even worse customer service have forced the big-box giant into a corner, and they’re taking drastic measures to keep the ship afloat. After Ryan returns from a failed 24-hour format test, he and Jeff are on the receiving end of immediate changes to the company’s operating structure- and all of the negative impacts wrought upon the staff as a result. Their friendship having come full circle, Jeff and Ryan now brace for the future by meeting their challenges as a unified team once again… and are left facing the possibility of a life after Buy Lots.


Writer: Rob Humphrey

Artists: Jeff Manley 

92 pgs. B&W Softcover

Punching the Clock Volume 4: Closing Time


    © 2020 by Rob Humphrey. Punching the Clock and all related characters © 2011-2020 Rob Humphrey & Jeff Manley. Background image and logo inspired by Kenner; designed by Jason Plowman. Cartoon Avatar Illustrated by Jim McClain and Colored by Serena Guerra.