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Welcome to the archives of Rob's media appearances prior to this site being built. These days, new noteworthy appearances and reviews will likely be in the News or Blog sections of the site. Maybe one day, Rob will get around to updating this section with some of those links for quick access. Unfortunately, today is NOT that day.


Rob Three-peats Digital Nerdage

Rob sits down with Pat, one more time, on Digital Nerdage Episode #74 to discuss Punching the Clock and what he's been up to.


Rob Meets the Mistresses of Mayhem & Chaos

Rob sits in with Crystal and Michelle, otherwise known as the Mistresses of Mayhem & Chaos, on Episode #18 of their podcast.


Punching the Clock on FreakSugar

Sean Kleefield covers the end of a number of long-running web comics; Punching the Clock makes the commentary.


Bag and Bored Previews Unlawful Good

Unlawful Good gets an early look from Bag and Bored.


Geek Legacy Spotlights  Unlawful Good

Unlawful Good is spotlighted by the crew at Geek Legacy.


Unlawful Good Hits Comicosity

Comicosity talks with Heather Antos and spotlights Unlawful Good


Punching the Clock Spotlighted by the Geekie Awards

Punching the Clock is considered in the Webcomic category by the 2013 Geekie Awards


The Outhousers review Punching the Clock

Gheru from The Outhousers covers Punching the Clock in his column


Punching the Clock on Comics Alliance

Comics Alliance spotlights Punching the Clock in this week's Best Webcomics Ever This Week


Rob Named in Indie's Top 50

The Outhousers' Indie Huntress recaps her Top 50 creators to watch in Independent Comics. Rob joins some very esteemed company!


Rob Returns to Digital Nerdage

Rob makes his second appearance on Episode #47 of the Digital Nerdage podcast, covering a variety of topics with host, Pat Kawula.


Unlawful Good Covered by What'cha Reading

The fine folks at What'cha Reading preview Unlawful Good.


Unlawful Good on previews Unlawful Good with Editor Heather Antos.


Comics Coast to Coast talks Unlawful Good with Heather Antos

Comics Coast to Coast talks Unlawful Good with Editor Heather Antos in this exclusive interview!


Rob Invades Digital Nerdage

Rob hangs out with host Pat Kawula on Episode #5 of the Digital Nerdage podcast.


Rob & Jeff Talk with Comics Bulletin

Rob joins Jeff Manley in an interview with Nick Boisson at Comics Bulletin, discussing Punching the Clock, Star Wars, and more!


Bleeding Cool Talks to Rob About Punching the Clock

Rob talks to Bleeding Cool about the creative process behind Punching the Clock during the strip's landmark Kickstarter

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