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Complete Works

Behold, a complete bibliography of Rob's work- including self published works, licensed projects, and work done for publishers! Check out the shop or attend an appearance to fill in holes in your collection, but fair warning- some of these titles may be out of print or hard to find!


Punching the Clock

Self-Published; Released 2011-2015 - Art: Jeff Manley, Jay Jacot, & more

When the newly hired Ryan starts his "career" at big box retailer Buy Lots, he quickly discovers common ground with his cynical, slightly crazed trainer, Jeff. Their misadventures through serving the public capture the absurdity of existing in a dead-end corporate retail job with plenty of laughs, tears, and a whole lot of nerd culture references along the way.

Unlawful Good Anthology

Publisher: Dude, What? Comics; Released 2012

Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime brings together 17 unique creative teams, each tasked with telling their own short stories themed around a singular prompt: crime. In this anthology, Rob teams with artist James Kersey to deliver The Bulldog's Bite- a look into the investigation of a brutal murder in which the lead detective knows a lot about the details surrounding the victim's circumstances; perhaps too much.

Fight Like A Jedi

Self-Published; Released 2012

Fight Like A Jedi is an officially licensed Star Wars sketchbook that brings together some of the best in independent and mainstream comics to create a treasure trove of Star Wars character art. The sketchbook was the cornerstone of fundraising efforts to help lift the spirits of a young Star Wars fan while assisting with necessary medical expenses. Rob curated and spearheaded this project.


Publisher: Rocket Ink Studios; Released 2019 - Art: Dakota Lee, Bill Pulkovski, & Tony Miello

The stakes are high on America's Centennial as Wyatt Earp has issued an open invitation to the bravest, most cunning, and most notorious of the Old West to join him in a once-in-a-lifetime card game in Dodge City! Gunlingers and card sharks alike are travelling from near and far to get in on the action, while tensions rise as tempers flare and trigger fingers get itchy.

Get In The Game Anthology

Publisher: Source Point Press; Released 2020

Ten creative teams assemble a curated collection of 8-page tales, all centralized around a common theme: video games. Rob teams with artist K Lynn Smith to close out this action-packed compilation with Save & Continue, a dark tale focusing on video games as a means of escapism and avoidance to self-medicate depression.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Publisher: Source Point Press; Released 2023 - Art: Austin McKinley

Buried and forgotten for eleven years after being brutally gunned down in the streets, Blaze is awakened from his cold slumber and sets out on a path of revenge! Returning to his old neighborhood, he learns that the only thing that changes in the streets is the date, and that when you're already dead, you may not have anything to lose. This story is the definitive origin of Majik Ninja Entertainment recording artist Blaze Ya Dead Homie!

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