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Rob's Bio

Writer of comics. Eater of donuts. Bringer of chaos.


Rob likes to think of himself as a writer. Don't let him fool you, though- those comics write themselves. He is currently on writing duties for the new Blaze Ya Dead Homie comic, releasing Summer 2023 from Source Point Press and Majik Ninja Entertainment .

Rob's previous work includes the Comic Buyer's Guide Fan Award-nominated webcomic Punching the Clock, Gunslingers (Rocket Ink Studios), and contributions to the Unlawful Good (Dude, What? Comics) and Get in the Game (Source Point Press) Anthologies.

Rob also organized and published Fight Like a Jedi- an official LucasFilm-licensed Star Wars sketchbook- and is an Honorary Friend of the 501st Legion. If you're not dead from boredom at this point, you should also know that the gift of donuts will make Rob your friend for life.

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