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punching the clock

Welcome to the Punching the Clock archive! Re-live the hit webcomic that spawned over 200 strips, 4 books, a mountain of merch, a Comic Buyer's Guide Fan Award nomination,and coverage all over the web- from Comics Alliance to MTV! From the minds of Writer Rob Humphrey and Artist Jeff Manley, this archive contains a sampling of strips originally featured during its 2011-2015 weekly run online. For the complete Punching the Clock, including bonus content, please visit the web store to order Volumes 1-4 today!

The 12 Days of retail:
A Punching the Clock Christmas (2022)

Despite bringing the main Punching the Clock series to an end in 2015, Jeff Manley and I occasionally find reasons to get the band back together and reunite for a strip or two. In late 2022, right around Thanksgiving, the idea of doing a Punching the Clock holiday special had burrowed into my goblin brain and I just couldn't shake it. One quick text exchange later, and Jeff and I had agreed that it was too good to pass up. The following strips are the result.

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