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NOW OPEN 24 HOURS. Who Will Survive When Buy Lots Goes 'Bump' In The Night?


Their fellowship broken, Jeff and Ryan fracture onto separate, divergent paths- navigating Buy Lots’ murky waters without each other for the first time since Ryan was hired. Longing for a fresh start after losing his best friend AND his girlfriend, Ryan has volunteered to help pilot the night shift as a part of Buy Lots’ new 24-hour test format. Along with a new cast of friends, Ryan seeks clarity and purpose while surviving the type of antics that happen after other businesses have had the good sense to close.


Meanwhile, Jeff adjusts to his new Ryan-less existence on the day shift- meeting the unwashed consumer masses head-on with… mixed… results. Despite failed attempts at finding a new sidekick, managing poor interpersonal skills, and forcibly joining Buy Lots’ Courtesy Patrol, Jeff finds a way to cling to his (questionable, at best) sanity and awkwardly stumbles into a potential love connection. Will the future of Buy Lots continue to keep Jeff and Ryan from reuniting? Only Corporate knows for sure…


*Includes BONUS backup story: Punching the Dead


Writer: Rob Humphrey

Artists: Jeff Manley & Jay Jacot

104 pgs. B&W Softcover

Punching the Clock Volume 3: Tales From the Graveyard Shift

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