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Punch In. Punch Out. Repeat Daily.


Clock in for the long haul as mundane interactions with management and soul-crushing customers make you question all of your major life choices! Now that Ryan is officially part of the team, he must face the daily grind head on; dealing with horrible customers, corporate management, unstable co-workers, and finding love… all within the walls of Buy Lots. Alongside his retail brother-in-arms Jeff, Ryan navigates his path the best way he knows how-ultimately leading to a decision that will change the status quo at Buy Lots for the foreseeable future.


The bro-mance continues as Jeff and Ryan’s exploits not only serve to amuse themselves, but also help to keep their sanity intact inside the mind-numbing world of big box retail. Collecting up through fan-favorite webcomic Punching the Clock’s landmark 100th strip, this collection promises to take you further down the rabbit hole- delivering even more jokes, nerd culture references and unbelievable on-the-job shenanigans than ever before!


Writer: Rob Humphrey

Artist: Jeff Manley

88 pgs. B&W Softcover

Punching the Clock Volume 2: The Daily Grind

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