© 2019 by Rob Humphrey. Punching the Clock and all related characters © 2011-2019 Rob Humphrey & Jeff Manley. Background image and logo inspired by Kenner; designed by Jason Plowman. Cartoon Avatar Illustrated by Jim McClain and Colored by Serena Guerra.

Punch In. Punch Out. Repeat Daily.


Clock in for the long haul as mundane interactions with management and soul-crushing customers make you question all of your major life choices! Now that Ryan is officially part of the team, he must face the daily grind head on; dealing with horrible customers, corporate management, unstable co-workers, and finding love… all within the walls of Buy Lots. Alongside his retail brother-in-arms Jeff, Ryan navigates his path the best way he knows how-ultimately leading to a decision that will change the status quo at Buy Lots for the foreseeable future.


The bro-mance continues as Jeff and Ryan’s exploits not only serve to amuse themselves, but also help to keep their sanity intact inside the mind-numbing world of big box retail. Collecting up through fan-favorite webcomic Punching the Clock’s landmark 100th strip, this collection promises to take you further down the rabbit hole- delivering even more jokes, nerd culture references and unbelievable on-the-job shenanigans than ever before!


Writer: Rob Humphrey

Artist: Jeff Manley

88 pgs. B&W Softcover

Punching the Clock Volume 2: The Daily Grind