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Two Nerds. One Store. Endless Fail.


Your indoctrination into the world of retail begins here! Ryan has just been hired on at bix box retailer Buy Lots, and quickly discovers common ground with his cynical, slightly crazed trainer, Jeff. Both share a passion for all things "nerd"- cracking jokes relating to comic books, science fiction, video games, and more!


Follow the weekly exploits of Jeff and Ryan as they struggle to survive the daily grind of big box retail, and keep themselvesentertained in the process. Collecting the first six months of strips from the 2012 Comic Buyers Guide Fan Award-Nominated web comic Punching the Clock, this collection is sure to entertain retail employees past and present, as well as pop culture fans everywhere!


Writer: Rob Humphrey

Artist: Jeff Manley

80 pgs. B&W Softcover

Punching the Clock Volume 1: Training Daze

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