Ten Gunslingers Meet In a High-Stakes Game of Poker on America's Centennial


The stakes are high on America's Centennial as Wyatt Earp has issued an open invitation to the bravest, most cunning, and most notorious of the Old West to join him in a once-in-a-lifetime card game in Dodge City! Gunlingers and card sharks alike are travelling from near and far to get in on the action, while tensions rise as tempers flare and trigger fingers get itchy. Sit in on the action alongside Earp, Doc Holliday, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and more as they ante up to prove just who is the best- at cards AND on the draw! Who will walk away with the pot? Who gets to walk away, period? See what happens when 10 of the most dangerous Gunslingers in the history of the American West all join together in one room and shoot for the big win.


Various Creators

Rocket Ink Studios

56 pgs. Greytones Softcover

Gunslingers Volume 1