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Limited to 25 copies!


Rob will add a bloody remarque to Blaze's hand in red paint pen in addition to signing the book!  Remarqued books will be individually numbered. *Note: remarques will be similar to the one shown, but may not be identical.


This book will ALSO ship with a randomly selected Take The Dojo card, featuring guests having appeared at the mighty ASTRONOMICON!


All signed books ship with a Certificate of Authenticity from Rob.


WARNING: Mature Readers (MR)


Exhumed from the world of TWIZTID HAUNTED HIGH-ONS - this definitive
BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE origin story cannot be missed!

Buried and forgotten for eleven years after being brutally gunned down in the streets, Blaze is awakened from his cold slumber and sets out on a path of revenge! Returning to his old neighborhood, he learns that the only thing that changes in the streets is the date, and that when you're already dead, you may not have anything to lose.


Writer: Rob Humphrey

Artist: Austin McKinley

Cover: Austin McKinley

Source Point Press

22 pgs. Full-Color Softcover

Blaze Ya Dead Homie One-Shot - Bloody Remarque

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