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Source Point Press Gets in the Game

Breaking news! Get in the Game has officially been picked up by independent publishing powerhouse Source Point Press! Source Point is the fastest growing indie publisher on the comics scene- and is based right here in the midwest!

Their catalog includes titles such as The Rot, Rottentail, Monstrous, Hope, Twiztid: Haunted High-Ons, Bug Bites, Franklin & Ghost, Norah, Seeress, Skylin, and many more!

Kickstarter backers- this is great news, as you will still get your books first, and get a fantastic product printed from the industry's leading indie comics publisher! If you missed the Kickstarter, fear not- I will have copies for sale once the books have shipped for fulfillment, and copies will be available in comic shops all over when Source Point takes over distribution!

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