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Guest Speaking at the International School of Comics Chicago

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I had the honor and privilege of being invited to speak, alongside a number of other fantastic creators, at the International School of Comics Chicago at the invitation of my friend, fellow creator, and instructor Dan Dougherty (Beardo, Touching Evil, Floppy Cop).

The ISC ran virtual sessions throughout the pandemic and various lock-downs over the summer of 2020- check out the list of amazing creators that appeared throughout the #stayathomespotlight over at their Facebook page!

Joshua Werner, Illustrator, author and art director from Source Point Press; Victor Dandridge, artist and editor from Vantage:Inhouse Productions; artist Bianca Roman-Stumpff, Pat Kawula, exhibitor Relations Director at Cherry Capital Comic Con; Michael Akerley, owner-operator at Traverse City's Top Comics; artist Zu Orzu; and Bob Camp, experienced artist in the comic and animation industry (The co-creator of Ren & Stimpy!!!) appeared over the course of the two sessions I was involved with. Clearly, I was in great company!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Dan, the ISC, and all of the wonderful students that attended the sessions and asked so many great questions!

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