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Change ALL of the Things!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Welcome to my new home on the web,!

To say that the last few years of my comics adventure have been a roller coaster is an incredible understatement- from the end of Punching the Clock, to Kickstarter woes, to projects unfinished and in limbo, as well as a few scattered appearances mixed with quite a lot happening in my personal life... yeah, it's been a trip. So, with much of that past business finally finding some closure, I am back at this comics game in a big way- and what better way than to officially launch a new platform to interact with fans and create a home for new projects going forward!

You'll find the standard fare- like how and where to find me, a complete listing of my comics work, and a place to buy books that are in still in print- but you will also see that I am in the process of loading the entire archive of Punching the Clock into this space, and plan on using the blog to showcase new ongoing web comics as they begin to take shape!

So, my friends, please check back to see what is coming! The old Punching the Clock website is no more; it has been scrapped to the internet graveyard. I am in the process of scrubbing my previous blog, as I spent more time ignoring it than utilizing it. I am a bad blog parent. From now on, THIS is the place to find me on the web outside of social media. My sincere hope is that you enjoy the site, and join me on my journey back into creating comics!

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