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A Title, An Artist, & THE Cover

Good things have been happening in regard to the work being done for the Get In the Game anthology. Very good things. But... why tell you, when I can just SHOW you?

So, this is a thing that is happening.

Seriously. Happening. Pinch me.

I am incredibly excited to publicly share with all of you, not only the title of the story- Save & Continue - but I am incredibly honored to say that the wonderfully talented K Lynn Smith is illustrating AND providing inks, colors, and letters. Yes friends, K Lynn is on the cover AND interiors.

K Lynn is a master of her craft, writing and illustrating the incredible Plume, providing art for Legend of the Shaders and Hope, and is launching the BRAND NEW series For Goodness' Sake, currently up on Kickstarter.

Get In the Game will be available on Kickstarter in January. Watch social media for #getinthegame for updates and launch info, coming soon!

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